Hair disciplining L’Oreal Mythic Oil Rich Oil

Mythic Oil hair oils are available in three versions: classic of moisturising action, for dyed hair (Color Glow) and unruly hair-disciplining (Rich Oil). This last version is the most popular form the set since it’s said to be the answer to the specific hair problems of all women. L’Oreal Mythic Rich Oil was inspired by the oriental care rituals. Look, what fruits were born thanks to this.


  • Counteracts frizz.
  • Facilitates blow-drying, combing and styling.
  • Provides softness and the feeling of moisturization.
  • Gifts hair with shine without leaving it greasy.
  • Delivers intensive care and nourishes hair from the inside.


Two most important active ingredients of Rich Oil from L’Oreal Mythic Oil series are intensively disciplining oils, which are Rice Flower Oil and luxurious Argan Oil that provides heat protection. Mythic Rich Oil owns its action only to these two substances. Apart from these natural oils, the product contains silicones of hair conditioning action, which in fact, may affect hair in a negative way.

However, the most damaging are the irritating alcohol and preservatives which L’Oreal Mythic Oil contains more than natural oils.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil can be applied in two ways, to wet or dry hair. If you care for intense action, warm up 2 or 3 portions of the oil in your hands and massage the cosmetic into the entire length of the wet hair. Once the product gets absorbed, you can proceed with blow-drying and styling the hairdo. If you need a cosmetic that will provide the ideal fix, apply 1 portion of Mythic Rich Oil to dry hair and style the strands so as to prevent frizz.


This oil is relatively lighter than regular, pure oils therefore, it’s absorbed by hair and skin way faster. Moreover, the oil is colourless and its silk formula facilitates applying the product to hair. What’s also worth mentioning, Mythic Oil Rich Oil has wonderful scent resembling the aroma of blooming, spring flowers. The fragrance is intensive and remains on hair long.

Back then Mythic Oil was available in a plastic bottle. Although the change of packages provided the series with the more luxurious design, we lost 25 ml of the product because of this. Besides, this loss didn’t lead to lower price and the glass phial is easier to break that its plastic predecessor. Fortunately, the shape of the bottle is adjusted to lie into hands comfortably, and this feature deserves appreciation. When it comes to the applicator, it’s still a pump.


beautiful aroma, interesting oils in the composition, facilitation of styling, elegant design, a handy bottle, the light formula


irritating alcohols in the composition, silicones, only two natural oils, the phial made of heavy glass, inadequate price, can’t be applied directly to the scalp