Detox Time! How to Cleanse the Hair and Scalp using Different Methods?

You thoroughly wash the face every day and do your best to keep it young-looking. Do you ever care that much for your hair? Start to pay more attention to keeping it clean and treat your scalp to a detox. This will bring you closer to a lovely-looking, healthy, perfectly clean hairdo!


Let’s face the truth: most hair problems flow from not cleansing the hair thoroughly. The accumulation of styling products, dead skin cells, excess of oil, plus pollution – all this prevents hair from repairing and makes it more prone to damage. So, let’s take action!

Hair and scalp detox

Cleansing the scalp is the key thing because this is the very place where all essential things happen as far as the condition of hair goes. When the scalp is clean, the follicles easily bounce back giving stronger, fuller and longer hair. You can focus on the scalp while shampooing because the lather running down is perfectly enough to cleanse the hair.

Scalp detox is worthwhile because:

  • it lessens irritations and itchiness.
  • it creates optimal conditions for hair growth.
  • it lowers the risk of dandruff.
  • it helps reduce overproduction of oil.

How to cleanse the scalp?

  1. Scalp scrub
    Use either enzyme or physical scrub. The choice is up to you: there are products with exfolaiting acids or particles that remove dead cells when you massage the scalp. Treat yourself to this type of detox at least once a week to fully cleanse the scalp and stimulate blood flow.
  2. SLS and SLES shampoos
    Generally, we try to avoid shampoos featuring harsh ingredients because they upset the natural balance of the scalp and cause dryness. However, it’s good to reach out for such products once in several washes to purify the scalp and prevent dirt from building up in the outlets of hair follicles.
  3. Castor oil
    Scalp oil treatment is a perfect way to remove the unwanted substances. Castor oil makes the best scalp-care oil since it has antibacterial properties and effectively clears the scalp of toxic substances. You just need to massage castor oil into the scalp around an hour before shampooing.
  4. Charcoal mask
    Activated charcoal is one of the strongest detoxifying substances. For better results, it can be blended with white clay. Nanoil Hair Mask holds the duo, thoroughly cleansing and preventing excessive production of oil. This type of treatment should be used at least once in seven days.
  5. White clay
    White clay is another all-natural cleansing substance giving great results. You can make use of its properties when caring for the scalp but it’s best to mix it with some oil, e.g. argan or almond oil, to avoid very dry scalp. Staying on the scalp for fifteen minutes, it’s able to perfectly remove all toxic substances.
  6. Scalp toner
    You can also reach out for scalp toners based on herbs and other natural substances that balance the scalp’s pH. Used after shampooing, they give you long-lasting freshness of scalp and hair, plus the hair looks voluminous and full of life. Another great news is scalp toners have a growth-stimulating effect.