Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is a top cosmetic that women from all around the world love, even though it doesn’t impress with its design. Inconspicuous on the outside yet hiding the power of the best active natural substances. Many bloggers slobber over the product’s features. The cosmetic is supposed to extend hair growth even 5 cm (~2.0″) a month turning the strands into being amazingly strong. It’s time to analyse what this high effectivity of the product comes from.


  • Accelerates hair growth to the maximum.
  • Counteracts hair loss as it strengthens hair bulbs.
  • Regenerates and provides moisturization.
  • Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.
  • Reinforces natural protective layer.
  • Smooths, softens and delivers gloss.


Castor Oil Hair Treatment is a real vitamin bomb for hair. For the most important task, which is strengthening and stimulating hair growth, responsible are Castor Oil and Mink Oil. Apart from the oils, the cosmetic contains Jojoba Oil of intensive nourishing action, Safflower Oil counteracting water loss and Cocoa Butter which neutralises the damaging effect of the free radicals.

Castor Oil also contains additional substances that positively influence the condition of hair, such as vitamin E, Aloe Leaf extract and lanolin.

The greatest disadvantage of Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is the ingredient of animal origin that is included in the composition. For that reason, this cosmetic won’t be rather eagerly used by vegans. What’s more, we won’t find here any alcohol nor silicones yet, Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil contains paraffin, which is a common name for mineral oil. This substance can irritate and clog sensitive skin of the scalp.


Before we proceed with applying the product, we have to learn the proper way to do it since it’s easy to use the cosmetic wrong. If applied in great amounts, Castor Oil can leave the scalp greasy so it’ll be hard to remove the cosmetic once the treatment is over. The most important rule is not to apply Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil to hair. Instead, the product has to be applied to the scalp only. Just small amount of the product has to be warmed up on the fingertips and massaged into the scalp. The intensive massage facilitates the nutrients absorption. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil can be applied an hour or two before shampooing or left overnight.


Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is a very dense, white hair butter that melts fast when being in contact with skin. Actually, just a small amount of the product is needed to apply it to the scalp, which makes the cosmetic maximally efficient. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil has a very pleasant, fresh smell.

Definitely, the cosmetic’s design diverges from other luxurious oils. Castor Oil is a product closed in a plastic container, not elegant yet durable, that is kept in white and green aesthetics. Even despite these small drawbacks, it’s worth spending money on that product since the price is low and the cosmetic itself is proven to be effective and very efficient.


very low price, very high efficiency, effectivity, maximal hair growth, complex of natural oils and extracts, well-absorbed by the scalp


animal and mineral oils in the composition, not attractive package, designed for the scalp only, slightly problematic manner of use