TOP DIY Hair Conditioners

If your hair lacks hydration, looks dull and needs a shine boost, you can easily aid it by making a natural conditioner. No need for spending a fortune – you’ve got most ingredients at home.

How to condition the hair?

Knowing the porosity type of your hair is the key thing that lets you suit the best products. What’s more, you must be aware that you may be guilty of ruining your hair with some innocent actions like shampooing! The skin on the head is extremely gentle so use only delicate motions while washing. Always dilute the shampoo with some water before putting it on the scalp and use only cool water for last rinsing because hot water exposes the hair to damage through opening the cuticles. Remember to apply anti-heat damage product before styling and blow-drying. Let the hair air dry whenever possible and use the cool airflow if you use the dryer. Still, a varied diet providing the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals is the most essential to keep the hair, nails and skin healthy.

Homemade hair conditioners

  1. Mayo and plain yoghurt are perfect hair enhancers. Mix them in the same amounts and apply the mixture on the lengths from the roots to the tips. Leave the conditioner in for half an hour, wash it out and shampoo the hair. Both ingredients deliver proteins, control the oil production and boost hair shine.
  2. Honey and aloe are powerful hydrators that save the most damaged, dry hair. Mix a spoon of aloe juice or aloe gel with some honey. Apply on the hair and wash it out after around 20 minutes. Shampoo the hair.
  3. The honey-and-banana conditioner is ideal for fixing damaged, dull hair. Mix a banana with honey and apply the blend to damp strands. Rinse it out after half an hour.
  4. Mix half cup of warm water with half pack of fresh yeast. Smooth it over the hair, rinse out after 30 minutes and wash the hair with a detergent-free shampoo.
  5. Yoghurt, honey and vegetable oil. The trio will surely make your hair shine! Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Use any oil you like.
  6. Gelatine. This conditioner tames the unruly hair and adds the gloss. Dissolve some gelatine powder in water and apple cider vinegar. Apply it to the hair and rinse thoroughly after fifteen minutes.
  7. Using just coconut oil and keeping it for the whole night is the easiest way to give the hair some softness. If you can’t leave the oil in for the night, rinse it after half an hour.

With a healthy diet and suitable products you will stun with your superb hairdo. Never forget that natural products work best. Your hair will thank you if you reach out for what nature has blessed us with.