TOP 7 Hair-Care Mistakes You Must Stop Making!

Very few women realize they make lots of beauty mistakes. They have no idea they do something wrong. You must know this scenario: one day your hair looks nice and then it’s dull and frizzy on some other day. Believe it or not, you may be the wrongdoer. So, it’s time to catch up and see the top mistakes you may be making every day.

1. Too cold or too hot water

Hair doesn’t like extremes. If you rinse it using hot water, then the cuticles raise so hair is more exposed to damage. Hot water speeds up the oil secretion so hair is getting greasy fast. On the other hand, cold water keeps the cuticles tightly closed so products you apply – shampoo, mask or conditioner – are unable to penetrate the hair structure. Sadly this may cause damage to the follicles so you may start losing more hair. Ideally, use lukewarm water which doesn’t worsen the condition of hair.

Always comb the hair before shampooing. If you don’t do that, the hair is going to tangle, plus the washing agents won’t be able to reach the deep structure of hair. Also remember to shampoo the strands the right way. Don’t think that applying more shampoo gives better effects! Mix it with some water and gently rub it into the scalp.

2. Overwashing/Underwashing

Obviously, the frequency of hair washing depends on you and many factors such as your lifestyle. Still, many people overwash their hair and – to make things worse – they use unsuitable products. It’s good to reach out for mild, detergent-free shampoos if you wash the hair every day. You can use a stronger clarifying shampoo once a week – it’s perfectly enough. Sometimes, people tend to get a hair wash too rarely so the oil and products build up on the hair making it worse.

3. Improper hair-care products

Always choose products that are best-suited to your hair type. Start to care for the hair in a conscious way, define your hair porosity type and read the ingredient list on products you want to buy. Get natural products that don’t cause scalp irritation and itchiness.

4. Heat

Why don’t you try air-drying? If you really need a dryer because you’re running late, always set the cool airflow. Getting an ionic dryer is a great idea too. Always apply a heat protectant. Try to avoid curling wands and flat irons.

5. Skipping the conditioner

Hair needs conditioning after every wash so you can’t forget about a conditioner. Still, make sure you apply one that’s best for your strands to avoid making them worse. Don’t use it on the hair roots!

6. Not getting hair trims

Split ends look simply bad so it’s surely important to trim the ends. In turn, hair looks healthy and it’s way shinier. Even the best styling products won’t aid you if the hair is broken and damaged. Unhealthy hair never looks good.

7. Overload of products

This is a big mistake. Believe it or not, less means more. Hair gels, sprays and mousses cause damage so use them just on special occasions. Weighed-down hair looks unfresh and shabby, that’s for sure.